Electronic Onboard Recorders

We purchased Qualcomm's new MCP 200 communication unit for the entire fleet. These units have many new capabilities which include Electronic Onboard Recorders. We asked drivers to volunteer to switch over from paper logs to the recorders and found that the majority of the drivers like to use them so we decided to make the change across the entire company. We now have a full year experience of the entire fleet using this feature. This feature will help keep the drivers log accurate and within federal regulations. With the implementation of CSA 2010 drivers will need to take their safety records very seriously and we think this tool will help them do that.

On Board Scanners

We now have on board paper scanners in all trucks. Once drivers make their delivery they are able to scan their paperwork so that their trip can be processed quicker. It also allows customers to have an immediate POD in their hands quickly after the actual delivery takes place.